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L330 described: Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabiana

Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae • Loricariidae • Cat-eLo

Panaque cf. nigrolineatus L330 15-18 cm - Nieuw - Jarathan

Dit is een l330 panaque pleco. Deze vis kan wel 60 centimeter groot worden, al gebeurt dat niet vaak in aquaria. Ze leven in zuid amerika en kunnen het beste gehouden worden tussen de 22 en 30 graden Panaque cf. nigrolineatus L330 15-18 cm. Panaque cf. nigrolineatus L330 15-18 cm. Numéro d'article : 041185: log in: Om prijs informatie te zien en te bestellen dient u ingelogd te zijn Name: Panaque cf.nigrolineatus L330 Trade names: L330, Watermelon Pleco. Origin: Rio Guejar, Colombia. Maximum size: 50 cm / 20'' All Panaque species must be provided lots of wood in their environment, as this is needed for their digestive system. They should also be fed a varied menu of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, cucumbers and. L330 Panaque sp. (half spotted) L 333 Hypancistrus sp. klein. L127 Peckoltia Lujani. L141 Peckoltia snethlageae. L024 Pseudacanthicus sp. groot. L097 Pseudacanthicus sp. groot. Hypancistrus Contradence. Hypancistrus inspector L201. Ancistrinae sp, Minicia. L047 Baryancistrus chrysolomus magnum L095 Pseudorinelepis Genibarbis. L 144. Description. L330 Watermelon Royal Pleco (Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae) Origin: Wild Colombia Locale: Rio Caqueta Diet: Driftwood, algae, biofilm, vegetables, prepared sinking/gel diets Adult Size: 20″ Recommended Tank Size: 120 gallons Compatibility: Can be aggressive toward similar species Preferred Water Parameter

L-Nummers: L330 Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae

Andere Namen: Roodoog Pleco, Roodoog Panaque, L190 Wetenschappelijke Naam: Panaque nigrolineatus (Peters, 1877) Gebied van origine: Zuid Amerika: Rio Orinoco stroomgebied en de Llanos, Colombia, Venezuela. Maximale Gro Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube A Panaque cf. nigrolineatus 'L330' about 25cm/10 in size. This specimen is fully spotted and sporting some impressive odontode growth for its size L330 Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae. 2 mooie grote dieren van 15-18cm beschikbaar door ons geïmporteerd uit colombia. Kom ook een kijkje nemen bij ons in de winkel voo. € 74,99 3 jan. '21. Raalte 3 jan. '21. Aquariumspeciaalzaak Gersen Raalte. Wildvang. L097 pseudacanthicus sp. Wv

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Panaque nigrolineatus (Peters, 1877) Common Names: L190, Royal Pleco Schwarzlinien-Harnischwels , Stribet Sugemalle : Type Locality: Guárico River at Calabozo, Apure River drainage, Guárico State, Venezuela. Synonym(s) Chaetostomus nigrolineatus: Pronunciation: pan ah KAY. - nih GRO lin e AT us: Etymolog Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae from a tributary to the Guaviare River, Colombia. Image from Ortega-Lara and Lujan, 2020. The wood-eating spotted loricariid catfish referred to as the watermelon pleco, the spotted royal pleco, or simply L330. is popular in the ornamental fish trade

Panaque sp. (L002, L162) Panaque sp. (L027, L090, L190, L203, L330) Panaque sp. (L191, L204, 306) De voornaamste bron van voedsel voor de Panaque soorten bestaat uit hout. Dit raspen ze met hun scherpe tandjes af, en kunnen daar gerust de hele dag mee bezig zijn. Daarnaast eten ze ook algen, overhangende bladeren en dierlijk voedsel Voeding Panaque L 330. door Broek » za 28 jun 2008, 16:01 . Hey allemaal, Ik heb vanmorgen een Panaque gekocht ( L 330) van een centimeter of 20.

All assigned numbers: L27a, L330 Name: Common Names: L27a, L330, watermelon Pleco Location: Rio Guejar, Colombia Photos: Appearance: Compatibility: Can be a bit territorially aggressive towards its own kind and similar looking fish, but otherwise peaceful. The Watermelon Panaque is.. L330 Panaque Sp; Referencia L330. L330 Panaque Sp. Condición: Nuevo producto. 2 kg Envío: Consultar (mandanos un whatsapp al 622221046 y te informaremos) Añadir al carrito. Añadir a la lista de deseos Enviar a un amigo *: *: * Más; Tamaño 15cm. Reseñas. No hay reseñas de clientes en este.

Ruinemans Aquarium BV IJsselveld 9 3417 XH MONTFOORT HOLLAND Phone : (31) - (0)348-479800 Fax : (31) - (0)348-479817 info@ruinemans.com. Sales sales@ruinemans.co L330 scientifically described: Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae. 23. March 2020. Many fish scientists (ichthyologists) currently reject the concept of the subspecies. They argue that either there are definable characteristics, in which case it is a species, or there are no characteristics, in which case the form cannot be named Panaque nigrolineatus (P. sp. cf. nigrolineatus, P. cf. nigrolineatus) Gewone naam Royal panaque, black lined panaque, royal pleco, L27 (A, B en C) en L190, L330, xingu royal etc. Leefgebied Amazone gebied, tapajos, orinoco, xingu Waterwaardes De royal pleco is vrij tolerant voor een.

Specifications: Care Level: Easy Temperament: Peaceful Minimum Tank Size: 125 gallons Water Conditions: 71.6-86°F, pH 6.5-7.4 Diet: Omnivore Max. Size: 1′ 4″ Color Form: Brown, Gold Origin: Rio Guejar, Colombia Family: Loricariidae Overview: Can be a bit territorially aggressive towards its own kind and similar looking fish, but otherwise peaceful. The Watermelon Panaque is suitable [ L330 described: Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae. February 2020. The wood-eating watermelon pleco or L330 has been formally described as a distinct subspecies of Panaque nigrolineatus. Article by Reef To Rainforest Media, LLC XXL L330 Fully Spotted Royal Pleco (Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae) One of the most beautifully marked of all Royal Plecos, the L330 Watermelon Pleco is found throughout the soft, acidic waters of the middle and upper Orinoco and its tributaries in Colombia and Venezuela. Like all Panaque species, it is a speci Oct 18, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Wharf Aquatics. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

L330 Fully Spotted Watermelon Royal Pleco (Panaque

  1. L330 Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae The Royal. Full and partially spotted available pm for a stock list #nationwideaquatics..
  2. Panaque Sp L330 full spotted Panaque Sp L330 half spotted Panaque Armbrusteri L027 Rio Xingu 5 exemplaren.
  3. Inhoud Panaque nigrolineatus - Royal Pleco Rio Orinoco - L190 Beschrijving Biotoop Het Aquarium Opmerkingen Panaque nigrolineatus - Royal Pleco Rio Orinoco - L190 Panaque nigrolineatus is in 1877 voor het eerst beschreven door Peters. In het Nederlands worden ze ook wel Royal Pleco, Roodoog Pleco en Roodoog Panaque genoemd. Ze hadden als L-nummer het [

L001 - Pterygoplichthys joselimaianus L002 - Panaque sp. L003 - Baryancistrus sp. L004 - Hypancistrus sp. L005 Ancistrus sp. L328 - Pseudolithoxus sp. L329 - Panaque sp. L330 - Panaque cf. nigrolineatus L331 - Hypostomus sp. L332 - Parancistrus sp. L333 - Hypancistrus sp. L334. L330 Watermelon Pleco. Login to view price. Care Level: Medium Temperament: Almost Peaceful. Max Size: 16-20 Scientific Name: Panaque nigrolineatus. Panaque cf. nigrolineatus L330 15-18 cm. Panaque sp. L204 Flash Pleco 6-8 cm. Dekeyseria brachyura L-168. Peck.vittata Clownplecostomus L103 M. Hypoptopoma sp. Peru Orange L. Lamprichthys tanganicanus L. Rasbora kubotai M. Alestopetersius smykalai L (WV) Gnathon.petersi Olifantvis M

Panaque cf. nigrolineatus (L330) £ 93.60 The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is shown just before the «add to basket» button, or it will be shown as soon as you pick the desirable fish size in the dropdown menu L-nummers, wat zijn dat? Je komt ze vaak tegen in aquariumwinkels, vissen die een L-nummer hebben. Achter de L staat een nummer, dit nummer is over de hele wereld hetzelfde, waardoor er geen verwarring ontstaat over de naamgeving van de vis. De L046 - Hypancistrus Zebra, is een van de duurste L-nummers die er bestaan

Mar 15, 2020 - It may take up to 10 working days (except holidays and weekends) before this order is shipped. In case if for whatever reason we can't get the fishes in the 10 working days your payment will be refunded. If there are any questions you have then please get in touch before you place an order The L-number system is a semi-scientific classification system of catfish based on photographs of shipments of tropical catfish of the family Loricariidae published by the German aquarium magazine DATZ (Die Aquarien- und Terrarienzeitschrift (The Aquarium and Terrarium Magazine)). The first L-number was published in 1988. An L-number is not a formal scientific designation, but it allows people.

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Panaque sp. (L191) Common Names: L191, Dull Eyed Royal Pleco Broken Line Royal Pleco, Gråøjet Kongesugemalle , Pancake Suckyfish (International) Pronunciation: pan ah KAY. Etymology: The generic epithet panaque is a Venezuelan common name for this fish. Article All Panaque nigrolineatus and their related species, subspecies, and morphs are commonly identified by the name Royal Pleco (L190). The Gold Royal Plecostomus (L027, L027c) is a large beautiful armored catfish found in the Rio Tocantins, Xingu , and Araguaia rivers of Brazil, that closely resembles and is often misidentified by tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the Royal Pleco (L190) Facebook page opens in new window Instagram page opens in new windo Ruinemans Aquarium BV IJsselveld 9 3417 XH MONTFOORT HOLLAND Phone : (31) - (0)348-479800 Fax : (31) - (0)348-479817 info@ruinemans.com. Service Vent

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To learn more about this fish please visit Planet Catfish. Please Note: Some fish require the use of a special shipping bag. This price is automatically added to the total of the fish, which is an extra $15 per bag. These bags ensure the fish can't bust through them. The typical plastic 2 - 4 MM bags can't handle most large plecos, catfish, etc. This option can't be removed. The bags are. Longtail Tiger Panaque, Long-Finned Tiger Panaque, Peru Orange Longtail Panaque: Peru: Rio Huallaga (Tingo Maria) 15-18cm. L330: Panaque sp. (= L027a) Watermelon Pleco, Watermelon Royal Pleco, Spotted Royal Pleco: Colombia: Meta, Rio Guejar > 40cm. L331: Hypostomus sp. - Colombia: Rio Magdalena of Rio Meta (Villavicencio) > 30cm. L332.

L330 Panaque Pleco - Vissen Aquariumvissen - Marktplaats

L330 watermelon panaque - 5617517475. This is a in Liverpool MSY posted on Oodle Classifieds. L330 watermelon panaque 12 13 in Chunky fish - Panaque sp. (L002, L162) - Panaque sp. (L027, L090, L190, L203, L330) - Panaque sp. (L191, L204, 306) De voornaamste bron van voedsel voor de Panaque soorten bestaat uit hout. Dit raspen ze met hun scherpe tandjes af, en kunnen daar gerust de hele dag mee bezig zijn. Daarnaast eten ze ook algen, overhangende bladeren en dierlijk voedsel

Profile :: Royal Pleco, Red Eyed Pleco, Royal Panaque

L330 Watermelon Royal Pleco (Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae) $ 34.99 - $ 214.99 Azul Peacock Bass (Cichla piquiti) $ 34.99 - $ 99.99 L128 Blue Phantom Pleco (Hemiancistrus sp. L128) $ 24.99 - $ 64.9 L330 12-15cm*Panaque sp.L330. End-Größe: 30cm Verkaufsgröße: ca. 12-15 cm Temperatur: 24 - 29°C pH-Wert: 5,5-7,5 Gesamthärte: 0-15°dH Aquariengröße: min. 200 c AVAILABLE. Cart. L239 Blue Panaque Pleco (Baryancistrus beggini) $ 39.99 - $ 44.99 A uniquely colored and small growing species of pleco, the L239 or Blue Panaque is not actually a member of the genus Panaque but instead is grouped in with the Gold Nugget Plecos and their close relatives

Panaque cf nigrolineatus L330 loricariida

Panaque L330 32cm. Regular price $300.00 Sale price $300.00 Sale. Add to cart Big watermelon * 1 in stock Share Share on Facebook; Tweet Tweet on Twitter; Pin it Pin on Pinterest. Panaque cf nigrolineatus L330. Panaque nigrolineatus L190. Panaque schaeferi L203. Panaque sp. L191. Panaque titan L418. Parotocinclus jumbo LDA025. Peckoltia compta L134. Panaque titan L418. Parotocinclus jumbo LDA025. Peckoltia compta L134. Peckoltia lineola L202. Peckoltia oligospila L6. Peckoltia sp. L15. Peckoltia sp. L76 This Listing Is For 1 (ONE) Watermelon Pleco L330 (Panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae) . Size: 6.5 ( We measure from the snout to the end of the fish ) Please Read the following policy with care before making your purchase..

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L330 Spotted Royal Pleco WILD Panaque cf. nigrolineatus . L330 워터멜론 일명 수박플레코입니다 . Max : 40cm . PRODUCT DETAILS CHECK IT REVIEW(1) Q&A(0 L329 - Panaque sp. L330 - Panaque cf. nigrolineatus. L331 - Hypostomus sp. L332 - Parancistrus sp. L333 - Hypancistrus sp. L334 - Chaetostoma sp. L335 - Chaetostoma sp. L336 - Chaetostoma sp. L337 - Lasiancistrus sp. L338 - Ancistrus sp. L339 - Hypancistrus lunaorum. L340 - Hypancistrus sp. L341 - Panaque sp. L342. hallo allemaal, ik wil misschien een l nummer halen want ze zijn zo mooi :D . maar welke zijn niet al te duur, zijn mooi en kunnen in een 80cm bak.. panaque nigrolineatus laurafabianae l330 watermelon royal 7 $75.00: hypancistrus sp. l173 true from wild fish: 1.5 / 4 cm: $300.00: hypancistrus sp l450 belo monte tiger pleco: 2 $40.00: panaque cochiliodon: 15 $475.00: 5 $250.00: hypancistrus sp l173b: 1.5-2 $50.00: 2.5 $125.00: sexed pairs: $350.00. Product Categories.

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